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Today, 2:45 PM: Watch the Gemara Bifnim end-of-year event, including captivating presentations and stories.

A novel celebration will take place on Sunday, as sixth grade boys and their parents will gather in Crown Heights to mark the completion of a yearlong commitment to mastering pages of Gemara inside.

The program, called Gemara Bifnim, is a project of Crown Heights based Igud Hamelamdim, and ran its program for the second year this year in nine schools across the US and Canada. Appreciation poured in from teachers and students alike for the reinforcement of this fundamental learning skill.

A highlight of the program will be a siyum on perek Hamafkid.

Rabbi Hillel Zaltzman, famed author of “Samarkand,” will share with the boys his experiences of learning Gemara in Communist Russia as a young boy.

“While being able to read the Gemara inside is assumed to be basic to learning Gemara,” explains Rabbi Avrohom Bluming, the director of the organization, “the reality is that it is becoming a growing challenge. Children nowadays are finding it ever more challenging to focus on words on a page, and it really hits them hard when they enter yeshiva. We came up with a revolutionary way to give the children these fundamental skills in an exciting manner.”

“This program is really unique,” said Levi, a student of Cheder Lubavitch in Chicago. “It really helped me know the Gemara inside.”


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