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Teacher & Principal Professional Training Courses

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Providing the tools that will help them succeed.

Even a born educator with natural teaching skills greatly benefits from a professional Teachers' training course. That’s why we’ve created our annual professional Teachers and Principals Training Course to enhance our Teachers’ classroom teaching and performance.

The fully comprehensive, dynamic 5-week, 30-hour course, is presented by universally acclaimed professional educators to Teachers of all levels of experience. The course covers the full gamut of effective teaching fundamentals. Topics range from the Chinuch Theory, Classroom Management, Elements of Instruction, Classroom Culture, Essential Needs, Teacher-Parent Relationship, and more.  Teachers pay a basic fee for course attendance, with Igud Hamelamdim subsidizing much of the program’s costs.



As part of our Teacher training program, we offer periodic Teacher Training Webinars throughout the school year, presenting expert Mechanchim offering empowering chinuch skills and techniques

“This year, by implementing the things I’ve learned from your Training Course, my class’ success has grown, not double, but triple!”

“Using the technique of ‘being a Torah Salesman’ worked great; parents were surprised and delighted to see their sons taking out a Chumash on a Shabbos afternoon—without being asked or told—and learning by themselves what was learned in class (or even trying to learn ahead).”


Mivtzah Torah-Gemara Bifnim

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