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Mivtzah Torah -Gemara Bifnim

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An inside-the-text Gemarah learning program to facilitate a lifetime of independent Gemarah learning.

A common problem for many students is that they fail to graduate Yeshiva having mastered the fundamentals of deciphering a page of Gemarah inside.

Upon speaking with principals and Hamelamdim, we found great interest in introducing a program that will motivate and improve the mastery of learning Bifnim – inside the Sefer.  The Mivtzah Torah Gemarah Bifnim builds the core skills vital to learning Gemarah independently anywhere in the world, at any time. To this end, we have launched the Mivtzah Torah–Gemarah Bifnim program, a revolutionary way to give children these fundamental skills in an exciting manner.

The program encompasses the following components:

  • Developing a highly innovative curriculum for Teachers to teach specific inside-the-text Gemarah learning skills.

  • Developing and customizing written tests that train the students to use their inside-the- text Gemarah learning skills. Tests are given every 3 weeks, based on the respective Gemarah texts covered in each participating class. Boys can take the test with an open Gemarah and questions are limited to just deciphering the Gemarah’s give-and take.

  • Built-in motivation and incentives, including a points reward program, where points are accrued for good test scores which can be traded in for valuable prizes at the end of the year. Additionally, participants are entered into exciting raffles drawn after each exam.

  • Chazara Bifnim call-in phone line, a helpful daily Chazara platform for continuous review of the Gemarah text. Students call in nightly to record and decode the Gemarah learned the past 2 days. The recordings are later reviewed and assessed by our team.

  • An incentivized Shabbos review with their father or other grownup is another component.  


Appreciation has been pouring in from Teachers and students alike for the reinforcement of this fundamental learning skill. To date, we have already implemented the program in Yeshivos across the country—from Crown Heights, to Morristown, to Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Toronto. We have hundreds of eager participating students, with a waiting list of additional Yeshivos who wish to join.

To sign up to the program or for more information: Click here.

Gemarah Bifnim Brochure

 International Teacher Recruitment

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