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A unique opportunity to absorb the Torah's sweetness and in turn pass on to their students.

The immortal words in Tehillim, Pekudei Hashem Yesharim, Misamschei Lev remind us how Torah learning brings joy to our hearts and sweetens our days. If only we could impart this sweetness to our children!

We thus founded a twice-a-week Igud Hamelamdim Kollel for our Teachers. Spending an hour-and-a-half, immersed in learning b’chavrusa with a fellow Teacher, the Teachers imbibe the beauty, and enjoy the sweetness of Torah, thus inspired to be better Teachers and further impart that love and sweetness of learning to their students.

We finance and maintain a venue for our Kollel, keeping it clean and welcoming - to foster a warm learning environment.  We also present a symbolic monthly stipend to each participant. 


Teachers Meeting Venue

The camaraderie and interconnection of the Teachers twice a week also serves as a vital forum for Teachers to share tools, experiences and advice.

We invite you for a visit! Come experience the rarified atmosphere of over 50 Hamelamdim learning together, absorbed in the sweetness of Torah learning, in the effort to sweeten the Yeshiva days of our children!

“I know myself.

The only way I can stay motivated in my classroom is when I learn myself”

“The new Kollel creates a setting where I can get together with fellow teachers and recharge.”

Teacher & Principal Professional Training Courses

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