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Teacher Yom Tov Financial Support


In our effort to provide nothing less than the best for our Teachers, providing them with financial bonuses for Pesach and Sukkos—affording them peace of mind and lightening their burden—ranks high on our to-do list.

Driven by this goal, we invested much time and effort in sourcing the best opportunity to gift the Melamed and maximize his benefit. With persistence, diligence, numerous meetings and work on our end, we have successfully entered a strategic partnership with the Chasdei Lev program, where each Teacher pays $280 in exchange for highly discounted Yom Tov food and tableware products sponsored by a partnership of Chasdei Lev, Igud Hamelamdim and the Yeshiva – a retail value per Teacher, exceeding $3,500!  


In addition to the cost savings, our Teachers experience unparalleled dignity and honor in receiving their supplies. Dedicated volunteers shower them with thanks as they load their car and hand them an appreciation gift. As the light of our community, our Teachers deserve to be recognized as such – for the sake of our children and our community.

Chasdei Lev Sukkos Form 5784

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