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OUR Mission

“Chinuch. Nothing but the best”

Raising the Chinuch bar

Dear Friend, 


Few things matter more to us than our children and their futures. In a world where so much confusion reigns, never has there been a more vital imperative to raise the bar of Chinuch to fortify our children and support our Teachers. 


When I started teaching over a decade ago, I quickly realized that alongside the academics in teaching, an organization dedicated to bringing light and warmth into Chinuch—for student and Teacher alike—would be so vital and game changing. With this in mind, Lubavitch Chinuch Organization, Igud Hamelamdim was born. The past five years have seen great successes.


In pursuit of our mission, we have created a holistic approach with an array of services to enrich both the students and their Teachers. We’ve connected with schools around the world—and the results are evident. 


Chinuch is “a work of heart”, investing heart and soul into the lives of our children. Our dedicated team is constantly creating initiatives to align with our global mission. Our holistic approach is not only about effective leadership, but exists to create an uplifting classroom environment. 


Together, we can light the way for your children. May we merit the Oro Shel Moshiach speedily. 


Rabbi Avrohom Bluming 

Founder & Executive Director, Igud Hamelamdim

OUR Leadership

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