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The beginning of the school year is a hectic time, especially for mechanchim. Nevertheless, over 100 teachers and principals took time from their school work to attend an educational and inspirational Chai Elul farbrengen.

The farbrengen, titled “How to Bring Chayus and Enjoyment to the Classroom” was led by shliach and chinuch expert Rabbi Michoel Gourarie of Sydney, Australia, who shared insightful ideas and inspirational anecdotes.

Rabbi Gourarie shared how the elder chossid Reb Muttel Kazliner A”H (from Russia and then from Nachlas Har Chabad) would visit Sydney each year around Purim time. When asked to farbreng, he would say that he is not worthy of fabrenging, but since he grew up among chassidim in Nevel, he would simply share what he saw and heard.

One year, on Shabbos Zachor, he joined the farbrengen but refused to say anything. He explained that Amalek is “cold” and remembering Amalek is about being infused with varemkeit, warmth. Chassidishe varemkeit is not something that can be repeated or mimicked; one must demonstrate it by living it himself!

Director of Igud Hamelamdim Rabbi Avrohom Bluming says that he is excited about the new school year. “We look forward to empowering our children’s leaders in every way, thereby ensuring the best chinuch for them. We have exciting plans for this year – for both the teachers and students.”


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