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On Tes Adar, Igud Hamelamdim marked 8 decades of Chabad chinuch in America with an evening of inspiration led by Reb Yoel Kahan, Reb Mottel Gurary and Reb Leibel Posner.

There is no question that the past 8 decades of Chabad chinuch in America has impacted the country. Igud Hamelamdim put together an event in honor of the special day that marked 80 years since the Frierdiker Rebbe’s arrival on U.S. soil.

Close to 50 mechanchim came together at the Beinoni Shul to hear from Reb Yoel Kahan, Reb Mottel Gurary and Reb Leibel Posner on what Chabad chinuch is, and what it entails. The theme of the evening, as elaborated on by these three ziknei chassidim, was that in order to transmit a true chassidishe chinuch, one must live it.

The three farbrenged about the chinuch of their own time, when they themselves were growing up, and shared how these concepts are applicable today. Reb Yoel spoke about the Rebbe’s words on the topic, peppering his talk with beautiful stories and anecdotes. Many mechanchim commented that the evening was quite inspiring and geshmak.

One participant noted with great enthusiasm that while there are a variety of events out there for educators to attend and gain from, “It’s coming to the events that Igud Hamelamdim makes that defines who we are as mechanchim.” Nothing compares to sitting together with other Lubavitcher melamdim, hearing and discussing the way chassidishe chinuch is meant to be.


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