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Principal of Oholei Torah Rabbi Yehoshua Lustig will be joining the team of leading Mechanchim presenting at this year’s Igud Hamelamdim training course.

As previously reported on, Igud Hamelamdim has recently announced its all-star training course later this summer. The course will be lead by leading mechanch Rabbi Mechel Rottenberg, renowned principal and teachers’ trainer of many decades, and Rabbi Michoel Gourarie, mechanech, trainer and noted expert in the Rebbe’s chinuch approach, and Rabbi Mendel Klyne, principal and teacher at Cheder Chabad Detroit.

Now, the course is getting even better with the addition of Rabbi Yehoshua Lustig, respected principal in Oholei Torah, who will be presenting a special two-phase presentation.

Four years ago, Igud Hamelamdim launched this comprehensive summer training course moderated by top mechanchim in the field and producing substantive, tangible results. Since its inception, the course has earned the praise of teachers and principals for its time-honored methods, lucid delivery, and down-to-earth guidance. Many graduates of the course have taken up prestigious positions in schools around the country, and their enthusiastic accounts of how the course has helped them speak for themselves.

This 30-hour course, will be starting in just one week, from 12 to 23 Menachem Av (Aug. 2-13). Sessions will take place on Sundays and weekday evenings. Attend in person or online-zoom.

Participants are accredited, Certification to be distributed at end of course.

With only a few spots left, an unprecedented price is still available. Full course: Limited scholarships available $700 (At checkout, use Coupon Code: Course 5780). Register here.

Option available to choose your own track of one or more presenters.


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