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​New Season Kick-Off at Teachers’ Kolel

In-depth Torah study invigorates teachers to energize their classrooms.

On Monday evening, the Crown Heights Kolel boomed with the sound of Torah study, as 70 teachers delved into in-depth study with a chavrusa.

The teachers’ kolel, under the auspices of Igud Hamelamdim, is back in session for the winter season, to the delight of many Crown Heights rebbis – not just a gift for themselves, but also for their students. “When I enter the classroom the morning after a satisfying chavrusa,” says one second-grade rebbi, “I am much better equipped to make the children excited about their learning.”

At the end of their study session, Rabbi Yossi Paltiel shared some inspirational words. “Melamdim were entitled by the Rebbe as ‘those whose work is the work of Heaven’ (melachtom meleches Shomayim), a title that even shluchim or community activists didn’t merit. Being a teacher isn’t easy, but it’s certainly worth it. We must practice what we preach and find the joy in pure learning.”

One new participant couldn’t resist sharing his impressions. “Many technologies and curriculums have been created to improve chinuch. Tools are certainly helpful, but ultimately, it’s the teacher who wields the tools. When an infused teacher is alive with Torah, he will bring that life to his classroom.”


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