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Melamdim Empowered to Shine the Light

On Monday evening, 12 Adar II, 100 mechanchim of all schools and ages gathered together at Kollel Menachem to attend what was being advertised as a Pre-Purim address by Harav Yosef Heller for Mechanchim.

As usual, Harav Heller outlined in his unique way, what is the role of a Chasidisher Mechanech in our times. This time a big focus was the influence mechanchim have on the homes.

"In the introduction to Kuntres Umayan the Rebbe Rashab writes that Chassidishe Melamdim are the מאורי אור, those who bring light into the homes. In another source it says that they the ones who bring Elokus into the homes.

“Everyone recognizes the difference between a teacher and a “melamed.” A melamed is a mechanech. He doesn’t just teach information, he teaches a child how to live his life – not just in the Cheder, but also at home. The melamed teaches the child what a Yiddishe home is about, what is Yiddishe life and beyond. Sometimes, the child depends on hearing these things in Cheder, and if he doesn’t, he will be missing it for life.

“So when it is said that a melamed brings light to the homes, it means simply that without the Chassidishe melamed the houses would be dark. It is in the power of the melamdim to make them bright.”

“It was a very inspirational talk,” one Melamed told us. “It is talks like this that empower me to really make a difference!”


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