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After months of virtual teaching, teachers and educators of all ages joined together on Gimmel Tammuz for an in-person farbrengen with JLI Director Rabbi Efraim Mintz.

Photos: Avraham Elkabets

Crown Heights educators were more grateful than ever before to attend Igud Hamelamdim’s Gimmel Tammuz “Mechanchim Farbrengen,” which provides a central gathering for mechanchim on yomei dpagra throughout the year. Having been isolated for over three months, melamdim were delighted to unite and reconnect.

The farbrengen was led by director of JLI International and member of Oholei Torah’s Vaad Hachinuch, Rabbi Efraim Mintz, who inspired those gathered – and many more who were watching online – for hours on topics of chinuch and hiskashrus.

Rabbi Mintz shared how his father, Rabbi Aizik Mintz a”h, was a mechanech for over three decades and was repeatedly recognized by the Rebbe for his important chinuch work. Throughout his letters, the Rebbe would title him מלאכתו מלאכת שמים, one whose work is the work of Heaven. And when he brought a student to the Rebbe for kos shel bracha, the Rebbe told him with a smile, “Zera Beirach Hashem!” a child blessed by Hashem! Such expressions, which were reserved for mechanchim, highlight the Rebbe’s special appreciation for teachers and the great merit and responsibility they carry.

“We owe so much to the mechanchim for their dedication to our children during this challenge and throughout the year,” Igud Hamelamdim’s director Rabbi Avrohom Bluming told “They are the pride of our community and we are proud to honor them.”


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