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This year’s Yud Shevat farbrengen for mechanchim organized by Igud Hamelamdim will feature veteran mashpia R’ Fitche Pevzner and will be broadcast live for mechanchim around the world.

Every year, on Yud Shevat, Lubavitch chinuch organization Igud Hamelamdim hosts a grand farbrengen in Crown Heights for all mechanchim, both locals and guests who have come from far and near. Many teachers say that it’s a highlight of their visit and its impact is felt in the months ahead.

This year, with many mechanchim unable to visit due to COVID restrictions, Igud Hamelamdim will be streaming their farbrengen online for mechanchim around the world to view.

The guest farbrenger is veteran mashpia R’ Fitche Pevzner of Oholei Torah Zal.

To join via Zoom, use this login information:

Zoom ID 990 3756 1618

Password 5781

To attend the farbrengen in-person or for more information, email

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