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With children out of regular school for months, parents and teachers are concerned about upkeeping their kriah skills. Here is what one educator is doing about it.

When school restarts after a typical two-month vacation, students have considerably regressed in their kriah. This year, the situation is even more concerning. With the cumulative loss of inside learning due to the coronavirus and over the summer, students are set to start the next school year at a major drawback.

Parents and teachers are consequently working to ensure that children are getting the necessary reading practise, using programs developed for this purpose.

Psok Li Pesukeich (PLP), a 12-year-old system run by Rabbi Yaakov Karp, has launched a new initiative to combat this regression. The program has been used by thousands of boys and girls who call in and record themselves reading or explaining the material that they learned. To date, the system has received over 336,000 recordings!

Following the success of Igud Hamelamdim’s “Learn Bifnim and Win” program, Psok Li Pesukeich launched a new initiative with impressive incentives – chumashim, mishnayos and drones – and periodic raffles to encourage children to keep up their kriah throughout the summer.

Kriah is in a crisis,” Rabbi Karp told “If we don’t help our kids back on track, they will suffer tremendously.”

There is a way out – with reading practise taking place every single day.

“Just three minutes a day will accomplish more than an hour once a week.” Rabbi Karp said. “Children love listening to their recordings, and this enables them to self-correct. This is much more valuable than a teacher or parent correcting them.” PLP is available as a tool to encourage and assist daily practice.

Even if not using a recording system to encourage a child to read, daily kriah is an absolute necessity, especially for young children, Rabbi Karp emphasized. “Parents must become aware that their children are falling terribly behind. It’s up to them to use the summer to help them get back on track.”

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