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For several years now, Igud Hamelamdim has partnered with Chasdei Lev to bring our melamdim their yom tov and year-round household items at unreal prices. Now, they have turned to other areas as well.

Each year, a massive esrog sale is hosted in Flatbush, where mechanchim can buy a nice daled minim set for a small price. However, this has not satisfied Lubavitcher mechanchim who need an esrog from Calabria following minhag Chabad. This year, Igud Hamelamdim changed that.

Through an arrangement with Leizer Rodal of Esrogino, Chabad mechanchim were able to purchase a quality set at a significant discount. The Rodal family has been dealing with esrogim for three generations, and Leizer is happy to honor our mechanchim in this way.

Director of the Igud, Rabbi Avrohom Bluming, explains that the esrog service has deeper significance as well. “Our mechanchim are the ones who transmit the taste and smell, the beauty of Torah and mitzvos, to our children. This is one small way to show them our appreciation.”

In discussing the Chabad attitude towards mechanchim, Rabbi Bluming points to a quote by the Rebbe Rashab (printed in Kuntres Umayan): “Chassidishe melamdim are the true luminaries of Yiddishe homes. They are the Avraham Avinu’s of every generation who spread Elokus into every home.”

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