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Parents and teachers say that the ‘Bifnim’ program gives their children and students a drive to improve their reading skill, an area that many of them find challenging during the era of virtual school.

The fact that home learning is a challenge, is undisputed by parents and teachers. In particular, text learning was dealt the biggest blow. Notwithstanding the challenges, over 450 boys from around the world have honed their text skills thanks to the Bifnim learning initiative.

As reported on, the Lubavitch teachers’ organization Igud Hamelamdim launched a month-long worldwide initiative for boys grades 2-7, called “Learn Bifnim and Win.” The program aims to fill the void of inside review not taking place due to classes happening virtually. The boys call in to the dedicated phone system which gives them a warm welcome and then directs then to choose their chosen topic or to hear raffle winners and updates.

Twice a week, a raffle is held with exciting prizes, motivating the children even more to enjoy the learning and improve their reading skills.

Parents say they are grateful for the way it has encouraged their sons to review their learning. Ohr Menachem principal Rabbi Menachem M. Yusewitz shared, “Baruch Hashem I am getting so much positive feedback from melamdim, parents and even from talmidim themselves! In addition, on a personal level as a parent, I witness daily on my own son how much he benefits and grows from ‘Mivtza Limud Bifnim.'”

“The mivtza is contagious,” said Mrs L. of Crown Heights. “My 5th grade son joined and that enticed his 2nd grade brother to join, and then a neighbor, a cousin, a friend!”

“It’s heartwarming to see my son sit down with a sefer looking inside and learning out loud like a yeshiva bochur. Yasher koach!” she said.

Igud Hamelamdim director Rabbi Avrohom Bluming says he is amazed by the response. “The response has been overwhelming. The fact that it’s only 5 minutes makes it so attractive and attainable and gives the boys an appreciation of what they can accomplish in just a few minutes.”

Teachers also appreciate the initiative, saying they have found that it motivates the boys to follow inside the text during class.

6th grade rebbi Rabbi Dovber Blau of Oholei Torah says that many boys in his class are participating in this wonderful program and it is a great reinforcement to what they learn in class.

To sign up, click here. To learn more about Igud Hamelamdim’s year-round Bifnim curriculum, click here.


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