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Igud Hamelamdim, an organization that provides invaluable services to mechanchim, is running its annual Teacher Training Course, held at Yeshiva Chovovei Torah in Crown Heights.

Thirty motivated participants have gathered in person or tuned in via live video feed, to invest in top-notch Chinuch, covering every area of the classroom and beyond. As in the past, the course taught a wide array of topics, but was enhanced considerably this year by the focus on chinuch through the lens of Chabad Chassidus.

Veteran mechanech Rabbi Michoel Gourarie of Bina Institute in Sydney, Australia, brought this novel dimension to the program: the Rebbe’s perspective. Culled from the hundreds of letters, sichos and directives on chinuch, Rabbi Gourarie’s practical tools focused on involving every student in the classroom, parent-teacher communication, classroom management and much more.

Under the guidance of renowned principal Rabbi Mechel Rottenberg, fundamental topics were covered in great depth, ranging from general philosophies of chinuch to setting the stage for the first day of school and understanding the needs of every child.

“There’s nothing like immersing yourself in hours of engaging lessons, where all participants are drawn into an authentic chinuch mindset,” enthused Rabbi Avrohom Weinstein, a course attendee.

Another participant, Rabbi Nosson Kuperman, was excited to join with dozens of other teachers for the course. “The collaboration of so many mechanchim is, in itself, so effective,” He said.

Teacher training courses are always beneficial, but take on a whole new meaning when given by instructors who truly live their message. Participant Rabbi Shlomo Schwei was deeply inspired by the instructors, who he described as “[People] who live what they preach.”

Participants were also supplied with complete binders with study materials and catered lunches.

The benefits of the course will continue even after the course finished, as each attending mechanech will have access to follow-up coaching from Igud Hamelamdim’s staff, to ensure maximum impact in the classroom.

“We spare no effort in reaching our goal of providing the very best Chinuch skills and methodology,” says Rabbi Avrohom Bluming, director of Igud Hamelamdim. The organization states its mission – to support, inspire and empower teachers, giving them all the tools they need to optimize their classroom teaching. It instills in teachers a revitalized pride in belonging to the select cadre of individuals who are dedicated to the holiest mission of all.


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